It was a long day of stress and discomfort. He was all drowned in the gloomy thoughts, thinking of all those dreams and beautiful things; he had planned for himself.

Things did not happened the way he wanted. He was totally in a phase of discomfort and melancholy. Suddenly a thought provoked him and he was ‘okay’ the next moment.

What was that thought?

His mother entered his room to ask when he will have dinner, he answered he is not hungry in a low voice. With a soft voice his mother asked, “Is everything okay?” “Yes”, he replied in a gloomy voice.

Without knowing anything, she smiled and said, “All your problems will be solved as soon as possible. I am waiting for you on the dinning table, have some food, the hard time won’t stay for long.” 

That was the moment when he realized he was ignoring the positiveness of his life. He was blessed with a caring family who was always there for him in every walk of his life.

We humans are so ungrateful to our creator by forgetting all the good things happening around us and while we are busy in focusing on the small things which we don’t have.

May be it is not the right time to have certain things at the very moment!

May be the thing we humans want is not good for us!

May be the creator has planned something better!


May be we are just over thinking!

The next point is how to overcome this factor that’s been overtaking our brighter side of life. The rule is pretty simple!

We should focus on all the ‘POSITIVE’ factors in every incident we go through. It comes naturally to humans to bring the negative side of an aspect while ignoring the tons of positivity lying beside.

Yes! it is difficult to stay positive at times when things are not going as we want,

Yes! it is difficult not to overthink on all those aspects.

But, don’t let your past or the future hurt your present. Just live in the moment because the life you are living, millions are dreaming of it right now; its not about money, love, relations or anything else, it is just about you, you & YOU.

If not you, then do it for those who LIVE for you. Your family & friends who are always there for you. 


Happiness is not achieved by getting all the things that you want, it is about spreading and living for the ones who are concerned about you. You were sent in this world for a reason to explore,  and that reason is within you.

Dream big, and strive hard to achieve them. If we ever fall into the trap of negativity, then we are no where achieving those dreams.

Find the positive in the negative. 

Don’t let obstacles of life ruin your urge in achieving those dreams. It’s not about whether you achieve your dreams or not; its about all those efforts you put in, It’s about all those times you never fall for the negativity. Chase your dreams, by spreading happiness within you and to the concerned ones.

Lastly, YOU HAVE TO SMILE in all phases of your life, in your hard times, in your good times, when you failed and when you succeed.

Happiness dwells inside you, don’t let negativity overcome it.

Spread the happiness inside you; Stay positive & everything will be okay! 🙂

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