I always wondered, why we ignore all those small things in our daily life which can make us feel better and thankful. We become so ungrateful to our creator that we overlook the blessings and good happenings around us.

As we grew up, we start running after  BIG dreams and BIG goals that we never value those little matters which are making our life better and adding value to our life.

Some small things which I believe is irreplaceable and make a difference in our lifes are:

A singing bird 🙂

Have you ever listened to the sounds of the singing bird in the morning ? It is making the whole environment pleasant and surrounding full of colors.

So satisfying!

Have you seen a smiling child?? Ahhh.. so peaceful which can warmth the heart of any one. It can forget all your sorrows and the day long exhaustion.

Peaceful view!

A glimpse of the sunset and sunrise is so relaxing that it can make your rest of day better. We see it daily right? but we don’t bother of the pleasant side.

That Sound and its smell!

Have you ever listened to the sound of the rain.  It is the smallest thing you can ever do but how peaceful it is have you ever thought?  The un-explainable happiness is immense and un-thoughtful joy is overlooked.

Image result for happy conversation with friends hd
A talk to your loved one!

A conversation with a quality person can often flip my mood around. Value your relations and thank that they exist. It is one of the biggest blessing which we can live with out but do we value them in our daily life’s? for many the answer is no….


Your mother is one of the biggest blessing in your life! Have your ever thought what will be your life all about without her?

Your MUM is your best friend. She knows what you like or dislike. You can share your feelings and speak up your mind. You know there is someone in your life who will always stand by you no matter you fail. She ensures I treat other women with love, respect and dignity. She always has a solution for all! She is your best adviser.


Image result for Be thankful to GOD HD

Always be thankful what you have. Value the things you have in life. Value the matter in your life. Value the people who are related to your life.

It will make you happy and contended with the happening in life. It is one of the fact we ignore. ~MAKE IT VALUE~!

Life is a long road made of many small things. Small steps is how you get big things done. If we don’t enjoy the journey,  it will be an unbearable loss.

Till the end of the time which is our Death ultimately, we can never be happy unless we enjoy every small thing along the journey of our life.

Value the matters of the life which you have overlooked. Make them the part of your life!

Most importantly keep smiling it do make a big difference.


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