“This is for you”

You always wanted me to write something for you. So, this is dedicated to you!


It is said that:

“There may be many flowers in a man’s life, but there is only one rose.” For me you are and always will be that rose for me!

Our story is kind of a special one it has taken a lot of twists and turns; sometimes it seems that it is a dream or we are a character of a movie. When we think it’s an end it takes a turn and we are on a point where we couldn’t predict what’s coming next. But wait, one thing is for sure, “its not the end.”

No matter what happens, “I am happy and satisfied — we met”

You have left an unforgettable mark in my personality and life. What I am today, you had a great role in bringing out ‘me’.

Hard times do come but the winner is the one who fights with all the odds coming in the way. I want to fight with you in all these hard situations and times.

Using this opportunity, I want to share something with you; “You’ve always been an inspiration and motivation for me”

It’s a truth and a great fact that I can never afford to lose you ‘especially the true friend which I’ve in form of you’. You’re an irreplaceable and phenomenal support as a friend which has always made me more stronger.


The thing I am afraid of the most, is (I am being selfish here but it’s true) I would never had a friend like you.

A friend who supports me in the worst, who think of me before anything, kills hers will to make me happy; “You’ve always set an example of being a best friend”.

My words fell short when I think of you and I am unable to explain how special this friendship is for me. No one will understand this nor I want them to understand.

What’s next…

I don’t know, where we are heading but I will always admire you, for what you’re as a friend, mentor and a supporter you have been to me since last 7 years.

Thank you for the friendship..

Thank you for the smiles.. Thanks for the memories..

Thank you for all the love you’ve never showed and kept in your heart.. 

Thank for being the one which I always asked for..

There are things we don’t want in our lives but we have to accept it; Let’s pray we get the best in our lives.

In the end, I just want you to know that you’re special and there is no one in the whole world like you!

No matter what happens just be what you’re and always stay on my side at least as a friend.

You’re as beautiful as my beautiful dream can be! Moments spent with you’re irreplaceable and special.


My words are not enough to explain my happiness when I am with you!

I’ll lend this song to explain some of my feelings

Note: Read the rest after listening to this song…


That was all I wanted to say! At the end, I want you to be happy and satisfied on whatever happens but we can still hope for the best……. 🙂



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